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Welcome to the KM PC Services website. Feel free to browse through our pages. The
Tips and Tricks page may be helpful to you in your use of Microsoft Windows. The Links
page offers utilities and fun stuff. Our FAQs page has answers to questions you may be
asking. And finally, our Services page presents an outline of what we have to offer.

Our company goal is to provide the best possible PC products and services in a
competent, timely, and cost effective manner. Our combined 65 years of experience with
companies such as GE, IBM, Data General, and IT&T have provided us with broad
based knowledge of the Computer Industry. During our 20+ years in the PC arena we
have striven to meet the needs of commercial, professional, and residential customers by
installing and configuring systems, communications, and networking solutions sized
specifically for them.

Located in Homosassa, our service area includes all of Citrus County.

Reaching us is easy. Click on the Contacts button then give us a call or send an email with
your requirements. If you donít need us right now, bookmark our website to make it easy
to reach us when you do. We look forward to working with you.

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