KM PC Services
FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
1. My system is running slow. Do I need a new one?

Not necessarily. There are several reasons why your system may slow down. For instance, there may be extraneous files on
the hard disk that Windows is forced to evaluate over and over causing it to work harder than it should. Or, there may be
unnecessary background services running. Or, the system might be infected by rogue software including viruses and spyware.
Or, it might simply need more memory. Our PC Checkup service will help find the reason for sluggish operation so the
appropriate corrective action can be taken.

2. What is spyware and should I be concerned about it?

Spyware is a catch all term for unwanted programs that have found their way into your PC. This is definitely a cause for
concern. Some spyware does exactly that ... It spies on you to collect private information which it then forwards to
unscrupulous parties. We can install proactive scanners to keep your system free of spyware threats.

3. I have a wireless Internet connection. Should it be protected?

Definitely yes. Without enabled security, your wireless signal is available for anyone to use. Not only does this slow down your
internet access, you can be liable if someone attached to your wireless connection uses it for unlawful purposes. We can secure
your wireless network to stop unauthorized use.

4. I have more than one PC or laptop. Can I share my data and printer?

Yes. We can set up your systems in a network configuration to allow sharing of data and printers. This can be either a wired or
wireless arrangement.

5. I want a new PC. But all my information is on my old PC. What do I do?

We can help you identify and move all your information from your old PC to your new one. This includes your email if it’s
stored on the hard disk. You can’t move applications, like Word or Excel, but, once applications are installed on the new PC,
we’ll make sure they “see” your information so you can continue doing what you have to do. We can then “clean” your old PC
so you can recycle or donate it... Or, we can recycle it for you.

6. I travel quite often. Can I use my laptop to access the information on my home PC?

Yes you can. Depending on your PC and laptop configurations, we can install one of a number of remote access applications.

7. My information is important and I want to make sure I don’t lose any of it.

Hard disk crashes are a fact of life and usually can’t be prevented. We can, however, configure a backup solution that will
insure against data loss. There are a number of cost effective approaches that can be sized according to your needs. New PCs
may be inexpensive, but your information is invaluable.