KM PC Services

* Installation, configuration, repair and upgrade of PC systems...
* Backup solutions to protect your valuable information...
* Network analysis, installation and support. Wired and wireless...
* Website creation and support...

Is your PC sluggish? Slow start-up and poor response? We can tune up and optimize
performance in many cases without having to upgrade or change any components. If needed,
we can upgrade your PC's memory or hard disk. Let us evaluate your PC’s security. We can
recommend ways to protect you against viruses and malware.

Your information is important. Are you protected against its loss if your PC crashes or fails?
We can install backup solutions to help you maintain the integrity of your valuable files and
information. We’ll size the hardware and software you need to insure your data will be
available when you need it most.

Do you have more than one PC? You can share files and printers to optimize use of all your
equipment. Centralized backup protects everyone’s information in one operation. We can
design a network that’s just right for your needs. Small enough to be cost effective, but capable
of growth when you need it. Both personal and business networks are our specialty. Wired,
wireless, and combinations of both. Remotely access your network to run applications from
wherever you are. We support what we install with on-site and on-call contracts.

Have you ever thought about your own web site? We can set one up for you for either
personal and business use. All web sites include email. Once a site is up and running, we can
maintain it or we can teach you how to do it yourself.

Do you have old PC equipment you no longer use that’s taking up space? We’ll strip any data
and recycle it properly for you at no cost.
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